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Ria Harris

Challenging Women To Overcome Their Fear Of Success

Ria Rai Harris

Meet Ria Rai Harris

As the Founder and CEO of Dusk 2 Daybreak Transformational Coaching and Speaking Int., Ria Rai Harris knows about fighting to live the life of one's choosing. As a survivor of domestic violence, single mother of a son and a former divorcee, she understands the mentality of a woman who desires to have a different and better life but doesn’t know what that new life looks like or how to attain it. But one of the things she does know is that you can have a phenomenal future if you are willing to be tenacious, use your discernment and eliminate the doubts that paralyze you today.


After retiring from a 32 year career in law enforcement, Ria now specializes in empowering women and her audience to discover and use their self-mastery skills to elevate their lives and businesses. She believes if a woman can adjust her frame of mind and commit herself to actualizing her new life, the journey will lead her to opulence and abundance.

From her one-on-one coaching, group training events and speaking tours, Ria will show women that they deserve the lives they've dreamed about and how to go about getting it.

“You can achieve any goal you set for yourself if you want it ENOUGH!”

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